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Li Yang packaging is the original shenzhen gorgeous paper packaging co., LTD. In 2017, in order to serve the new and old customers and adapt to market needs, set up in dongguan new heavy cartons and pearl cotton special-shaped material production base, has workshop 10000 square meters, the company calls countries advocate energy conservation and emissions reduction, to develop the "paper for wood" environmental packaging products.

Raw materials are mainly used: Nine Dragon Kraft Card Paper, Liwen Kraft Card Paper, American Kraft Paper and New Zealand Kraft Card Paper and other high-quality materials, produced AA heavy-duty cartons and AAA heavy-duty cartons of very stable physical properties; exported to domestic and foreign, by new and old customers recognition and praise.

Company to do the heavy packaging process more standardized, we customize according to the characteristics of heavy cardboard for more professional production equipment, the introduction of a group of skilled technical personnel, the establishment of a more professional research and development design production team, tailored to customers in a more appropriate internal and external packaging, make the customer's products on the market more valuable.

Company with "integrity-based, quality win, credit business, create a win-win" for the purpose, with advanced equipment, exquisite technology, scientific management, excellent quality and enthusiastic service, based on the market, favored by the majority of new and old customers support and love, the company in 2017 passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

In the future development process, the company will unceasingly open up, the innovation strives for truth, relies on in the management aspect accumulation experience to train a large number of outstanding specialized technical personnel, wholeheartedly provides the general customers the higher quality packing product and the more perfect service.


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