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Our advantage:

1. Powerful execution The company has a strong sense of communication and collaboration among all departments, and the orders handed over by customers can be completed quickly and in good quality.

2. Advanced production process The company's heavy-duty carton and pearl cotton production equipment are at the leading level in the industry, and the production process is greatly improved, making each product more perfect. Production efficiency doubles, production costs are reduced, and the company's competitiveness continues to increase.

3. Professional R&D Innovation Team More than 10 R&D teams have rich design experience; the company has national patents for heavy-duty cartons and is familiar with the process characteristics of heavy-duty cartons. According to the customer's products, the design can be provided free of charge, and the unique and individualized design has been tailor-made for the Pearl River Delta region and many domestic enterprises, and has been well received by new and old customers.

4. Heavy-duty cartons and pearl cotton technicians account for more than 60% of the company's total number; all of them are skilled professionals. There is a strict control plan for the quality of the products, and the products produced are among the leading in the industry.


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